Friday, May 09, 2008

"Not a good minister"

Michael Ignatieff still paid that visit to Helena Guergis'riding of Simcoe-Grey last weekend and had a few words for Guergis:
"I don't accept the premise that this is a Conservative riding," Ignatieff said.

Ignatieff noted in Simcoe-Grey's case, the riding has been Liberal before; Paul Bonwick won the riding in 1997 by about 580 votes, benefiting from the small-'c' conservative split between Reform and the Progressive Conservatives. His victory in 2000 was more decisive, with a plurality of 6,000 votes.

He was defeated in 2004 by Conservative candidate Helena Guergis by only 100 votes; Guergis carried the riding handily in 2006, winning by about 11,000 votes.

"The polls are clear - Ontario has substantial doubts about (the Conservative government)," Ignatieff said, adding that Harper is not favoured by women voters in particular.

Ignatieff was also particularly critical of Guergis, noting Matrosovs has a "good chance of beating her.

"Guergis is not a good minister and we don't think she's a particularly strong member of parliament," he said.
Here's hoping the voters of Simcoe-Grey feel the same way. There's certainly enough material with Ms. Guergis. The threats to the library funding if Ignatieff appeared at its gala, the incompetence on the Brenda Martin file for which she was removed, the disclosure to the media of Liberals travelling in Afghanistan, etc. And of course, there's the Conservative record at large. Although it could be tough. Guergis is dropping what appears to be a sizeable amount of money in her riding. $5 million here for municipal water infrastructure , a likely $6 million there for a library. Not sure how that funding ranks among MP's, but I'm pretty sure we're not seeing anything of the kind here in my Toronto riding...