Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peaceful nation? Not for long

Wait 'till Mini Bush spends $96 billion on the military: "Canada slips out of top 10 most peaceful countries." Oh, and we become a primo uranium enricher thanks to Steve's secret international plans.
Canada has slipped out of a rating of the world's top 10 most peaceful countries.

The reason is Canada's involvement in Afghanistan and the addition of 19 more countries to the list, says David Crichton, a research director at Britain's Economist Intelligence Unit which conducted the Global Peace Index.

Canada was ranked number eight in last year's index but slipped to 11th place this year.
The index, now in its second year, ranks countries according to their relative states of peace, based on factors such as military expenditure and respect for human rights, the homicide rate and other things.
See? Military expenditure. We're in for a downward plummet on this scale...Canada's back all right...:)