Friday, May 30, 2008

Public wants RCMP investigation

Ipsos Reid taken this week, Tuesday to Thursday:
"A slim majority of Canadians, 55 per cent of them, want the RCMP to investigate whether Maxime Bernier breached national security, and they want the Mounties to delve into his relationship with Julie Couillard, according to a new poll."
The breakdown:
Support for the RCMP probe was strongest in Alberta at 64 per cent of respondents, followed by British Columbia (62 per cent), Saskatchewan and Manitoba (59 per cent), Ontario (54 per cent), Quebec (53 per cent) and Atlantic Canada (44 per cent).

But another 39 per cent said an investigation was not necessary, with residents of Atlantic Canada (52 per cent) and Quebec (43 per cent), expressing the most opposition.

John Wright, Ipsos senior vice-president, said "to simply have Foreign Affairs doing their own review" simply does not wash with the public.

"The real issue around this is the independence of an investigation and whatever comes out of it," said Wright.
A pretty reasonable public expectation settling in out there. The Clouseau defence, that nobody noticed missing classified documents for 5 weeks, is just not credible. And people know it.