Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terrorism unit pursued environmental leaker

It doesn't take much, apparently, for the crack anti-terrorism unit to be called in. Remember the environmental leaker one year ago? He instilled much fear in the RCMP, what with his band's logo and their song, "Harper Youth." Heh...:) The CBC political blog reports with newly released access to information documents:
In May of 2007, Jeff Monaghan, a civil servant with Environment Canada, was led out of a government office tower in handcuffs.

He was accused of leaking a government policy paper on climate change a week before it was to be released to the public.

Now, newly released documents under the Access to Information Act show the Mounties brought in their crack anti-terrorism unit to pursue the case.

Apart from being a mid-level bureaucrat, Monaghan was also a self-described anarchist and the drummer in a band called the Suicide Pilots.

According to the access documents, it was a song entitled "Harper Youth" and the band's logo depicting a cartoon airplane about to crash into the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill that piqued the interest of the terrorism unit.

A three-month investigation ensued. It looked into Monaghan's e-mails, his online postings and activities at a downtown Ottawa anarchist book store. But in the end the Mounties found nothing that could lead to charges so they closed the anti-terrorism investigation.

There have been charges laid yet in the original breach of trust investigation, though the RCMP still considers the original leak to be an open case.

As for Monaghan, who a year ago called his arrest "vengeful" and an attempt to bully civil servants, he and his band are currently on tour in Nova Scotia and unavailable for comment.(emphasis added)
I'm surprised this embarrassing information was released given the slow wheels turning in the access to information department these days...

But now that it is, let's give a big round of applause to the anti-terrorism unit for keeping its ears tuned to the local indie scene for political protest songs. With these kinds of standards prompting anti-terrorism investigations, we are truly in good hands...:)