Monday, June 02, 2008

Ambition versus hyperventilation

As predicted, McGuinty and Charest make John Baird's hyperventilation look like that of a petulant child as they announce their environmental plans today:
Charest said he and McGuinty want to align their provinces with more ambitious international plans to cut emissions.

Charest said Canada risks falling further behind the international community with an upcoming change of leadership in the United States.

"There will be an election in the U.S., a new president will be chosen, and there will be a 180-degree turn in their approach," Charest said.

"Why wait for the Americans? We want to subscribe to everything that is being done on the European level and the North American level."
Yes, why wait for the Americans whose reputation on the issue is in the dumpster and not likely to budge until next year. How absolutely common-sensical.
McGuinty and Charest mocked Ottawa for criticizing the two provinces for working together.

"It seems to me that every time the premiers of Quebec and Ontario get together to solve problems, it should cause celebration on Parliament Hill," McGuinty said.
Yes, one would think...