Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another instance of Conservative doublespeak

The Vic Toews incident yesterday where he called Louise Arbour a "disgrace"in the House of Commons highlights the problem of Conservatives' speaking out of both sides of their collective mouths. While Toews utters such an insult about a former Supreme Court of Canada judge, for pete's sake, Harper's spokesman says this:
Dimitri Soudas, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said: "The government hasn't always agreed with all the positions she (Arbour) has taken. Nevertheless we've clearly praised what an accomplished career she's had."
Further, at virtually the same time Toews was shouting that Arbour was a "disgrace" in the House, David Emerson was stating this:
"We congratulate the work of Louise Arbour and we very strongly support the work of the United Nations in their pursuit of the protection of human rights and we'll continue to do so," Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson said in response to Hall Findlay's question.
So which is it you doublespeaking hypocritical Conservatives? Is this former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada a disgrace? Or is she to be congratulated for her distinguished career? If it's the latter, and that is indeed what Harper's spokesman said, then Toews should properly apologize for his crass remark.

The same situation occurred last week with the official residential schools apology while on the same day Pierre Poilievre expressed a contemptuous position on the issue of payments to residential school survivors and the power structures on reserves. Poilievre ended up having to apologize.

Will Vic Toews do the same today?