Friday, June 27, 2008

"At Issue" in the house

Jeez, it's just like Chantal and the gang are here around my desk...

Yes, I'm joining in here on the end of session political judgments prompted by this post and this entry.

Best Moment:

No surprise to readers here, the revelations from "Amateur Hour on the Rideau," aka the Bernier implosion courtesy of Madame Couillard and their many escapades together. Harper's judgment finally became a topic of much deserved scrutiny in the wake of this mess, something that should have come under the bright lights much sooner than this. What a way to end the session, guys. Couldn't have dreamt it up better myself...:)

Worst Moment:

The late night firing of Linda Keen. Shamefully executed. The Harper government fired an uber-competent regulator overseeing a file that should be beyond partisan antics. Symbolic of their dealings with the public service and always prevalent instinct for their own political preservation above all else. A key moment crystallizing the dark side of the Harper government.

Most Overrated Politician:

There are so many, how to choose just one? OK, let's not. Here are 3.

Harpie. Um, have you been reading my blog? See most entries on any given day.

Thomas Mulcair. The vibe I get from this guy is like no other. With the greatest of respect, every time I listen to him speak the level of vitriol emanating out of him is typically set on high and I find myself offended. He's a very knowledgeable fella' and all but the edges are very rough.

Junior MacKay. I have no doubt he's a hard worker. But never has an original thing to say. And sometimes has retarded things to say.

Most Underrated:

Serge Menard. One of the best in a committee examining a witness. We need more people with such skills. Has gravitas. People listen intently in Question Period when he speaks. Too bad he's with the Bloc.

And a big shout out to all my Dipper friends with this's Stephane Dion, the man you love to hate and feel is worse than Stephen Harper. Expectations? Very low. Recipe for political success...when it counts? Yep.