Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bad strategy

Conservatives are driving a mack truck through the Liberals delay on explaining the carbon tax shifting proposal: "Tories release new campaign attacking Liberal carbon tax plan." The Liberals need to get their act together. The Conservatives have every motivation right now to change the subject, given the upcoming week's hearings on the Bernier-Couillard matter, and being cash rich right now, might just keep this up all summer:
Stephen Harper's Conservative party has released a series of sneering radio ads that portray the Liberal environmental plan as a massive tax grab - even though they haven't seen the blueprint.

The campaign is just the latest media salvo from the cash-flush Tories to demonize Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

Dion has proposed a carbon tax scheme that would be offset by reductions in income taxes, making the program revenue neutral for the government.

But he's been slow to fill in the details - creating an information void the Conservatives are attempting to exploit.
There is, as polls have suggested, a latent reservoir of support in the Canadian population for considering such tax proposals, but if you don't explain it and you leave that job to the Conservatives, things just might change.

Very bad strategy.