Monday, June 02, 2008

Bernier front and center again this week

Harper's back from his European sojourn on, um, I think it was the environment or something...who knows? There was too much excitement back here on the domestic front...:) Pardon the pun, heh...:) And it's going to be starting up again full bore with calls now from the opposition for an RCMP investigation into the Bernier affair. The public supports it. And the spectacle of the Foreign Minister having associated himself with someone with links to biker gangs in her distant and not so distant past, combined with the further allegations, including allegations of bugging and about their having been a contract on her life, mean that there is no public assurance at this point that Bernier did not compromise national security. There are only unanswered questions. And that's the crux of it. We don't know. And the Harper government has done nothing to provide any assurances about the issue. The third party investigations are the only route.