Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bernier speech aka non-event

I particularly enjoyed the CBC retrospective of Maxime's tenure leading in to his televised statement...

Random observations:

The place was packed, it almost appeared as a political victory rally. Really though, it was a shameless entry for a disgraced Minister. This was the return of a conquering hero, not a bumbling politician who was in over his head. You have to wonder how this bit of polite defiance went over with the PMO. Clearly, this was all about rehabilitating Bernier's political reputation. He's not going away, Conservatives.

He had a notable line about how he went to Ottawa to defend "values," including "personal responsibility." Well done on that front, Maxime.

He learned on the night of May 25th that the left documents in Couillard's home. It was May 26th that she gave her TVA interview. Confirming once again that he had to be told he left classified documents out of his care and control. Well done again, Maxime.

Bernier says Couillard didn't tell him of her ties to organized crime...she says she told him. From a Star report on the Couillard interview:
Couillard also says Bernier knew about her past criminal associations from the outset of their relationship – contradicting the government's version of events.
Shocking discrepancy, I tell you, shocking.

Bernier's misplaced documents were briefing notes for the NATO summit, they were not numbered/bar-coded and in Bernier's words, not sensitive enough and therefore no alarms were set off and no one noticed they were missing. More to be investigated on this, I'm sure.

This was a melodramatic public apology that omitted certain key elements of the story. No word whatsoever on the real estate aspect in Quebec City and Bernier's intervention in that development to expand the amount of real estate available.

The event certainly did not live up to the hype.