Friday, June 20, 2008

Bernier to speak at scripted event

Those whispering sources around Maxime Bernier are at it again, tellin' us to get ready for a whole lot of nothing at a stage managed Bernier statement next week: "Bernier poised to speak on liaison with Couillard."
Former foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier is scheduled to break his silence next week and start addressing the "crucial questions" flowing from the MP's politically disastrous relationship with a woman with ties to biker gangs, sources said.

Mr. Bernier has booked space in a hotel in St-Georges-de-Beauce, in his riding south of Quebec City, where he is expected to explain when he learned of Julie Couillard's past ties to bikers and how his confidential government papers could have ended up in her hands.

But sources said he will be guarded in his comments and has no intention of answering questions from reporters. He also will not respond to the more tabloid-like elements of the scandal.
This little event speaks to a need to control the fallout in Quebec from this thing. The Quebec media have been doggedly pursuing the story and are unlikely to give it up anytime soon. Conservative fortunes are at risk with those Quebec seats. So the PMO's lettin' their ex-golden boy out of his exile.

To which you just have to say...way to keep the story in the public eye, Conservative brain trust...:)