Tuesday, June 10, 2008

But but but...the Liberals...

Deepak Obhrai, clueless:
In an exchange in question period yesterday, Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai blamed the Liberals for his government's hands-off approach to the Khadr case.

"Mr. Khadr has been in jail since 2002 when (the Liberal) party was in power, and that is the policy that we are following which was brought forward by that party," Obhrai said.

He said the Liberals should ask their own leader, who was in cabinet at the time, "why they did not raise those questions at that time."
Where have you been, Deepak? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary on this file recently? Like say, serious violations of natural justice and the former chief prosecutor there last year telling the world that the trials were all politicized? Hmmm? Make any difference?
A steady leak of documents in the case since February has raised questions about Khadr's culpability and the fairness of Guantanamo's war crimes courts. Last month, the military judge in the case abruptly retired, prompting cries of political interference.
The difference between you Conservatives and the Liberals is that the Liberals have changed their initial reluctance to call for his repatriation. They know they were wrong. The entire western world has acted on that recognition, except for the Republican supporting Conservative government.

See what happens when they deviate from their talking points? And for that matter, when we don't have a full time Foreign Affairs Minister?