Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A call for the House to arrest Rove

The Bush Republicans in the U.S. have repeatedly thumbed their nose at Congress as it seeks to exercise oversight over an administration gone terribly awry. Scott Horton today had a worthy suggestion to remedy the problem. Bypass the flunky Justice Department by the House itself arresting Rove:
The House has the inherent power to arrest and hold a person who flouts its subpoenas. It’s an authority that hasn’t been used for decades. But Karl Rove offers the best case in recent memory for dusting off this power and putting it to use. The issues at stake are enormous. They include the integrity of the criminal justice process and the notion that the Congress can use the powers the Constitution vests in it to examine serious misconduct in the Executive Branch. At present, the Justice Department has reached its modern reputational low point, and the Congress is widely perceived as a constitutional hood ornament. Resolve and action are long past due.
No White House stonewalling via its compliant Justice Department by virtue of this end-run around those two institutions. Would love to see this one play out.

Interesting backdrop to our own Public Safety Committee seeking testimony from Harper and his Ministers on the security challenges posed by Maxime Bernier's indiscretions.