Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conservative hatorade watch: today's winner, Vic Toews

Way to impress the women of Canada, Conservatives.

Toews owes the eminent Louise Arbour an apology for this classless yahoo behaviour:
One of Stephen Harper's senior cabinet members called Louise Arbour "a disgrace" on the floor of the House of Commons Tuesday.

Vic Toews, a Manitoba Conservative MP and the President of the Treasury Board, yelled "she's a disgrace" during Question Period as a Liberal MP, Martha Hall Findlay, was calling on the government to acknowledge Arbour's work as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Arbour is to retire from that position later this month. During her question, Hall Findlay alleged that the government had ordered diplomatic staff abroad not to talk about Arbour's work.
After Question Period had concluded, Hall Findlay asked Toews to withdraw his remark. He did not, telling the House, "the comments that Louise Arbour has made in respect of the state of Israel and the people of Israel are, in fact, a disgrace and I stand by those words."

Hall Findlay condemned Toews.

"It's a completely personal attack," Hall Findlay said after Question Period. "I think it's appalling. She is a highly respected person for all of the work she's done in human rights. She is one of the most successful, most impressive women this country's ever produced and this is just shameful the behaviour she's getting from her own country."
Toews was referring to comments Arbour made during the Lebanon-Israel conflict in 2006 on the need to protect civilians and which are reported in the above link.

Is Vic Toews leaving government? Can't be soon enough...