Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Conservatives have been busy

The effort they've put into this attempt to discredit Tom Zytaruk's audiotape on which Harper himself speaks of an offer of financial considerations to dying MP Chuck Cadman speaks volumes to their level of concern about the damage it has caused and will continue to cause: "Tories claim Harper Cadman tape 'doctored,' seek court injunction." As the CP report states, here's what this effort's all about:
The Conservatives want to stop the Liberals from using Harper's words against him in campaign ads.
They're very afraid of Harper's words being used in an election campaign. Because it's what they would certainly do.

No doubt, the defence will be able to find a few experts who would say the contrary to the experts retained by the Conservatives. That's what happens in a lawsuit. A plaintiff has their expert, a defendant has theirs and then they'll be cross-examined under oath. Until then, it's just a position put forth. When a party wants a matter to go away, they just might do what the Conservatives are doing, pull out the big guns to intimidate the other side. Not that these big guns appear to have done much:
"This is not a continuous recording of one conversation," Gough said in his affidavit.

"The interruptions of words, changes of background ambience and changes of frequency response indicate that this may be three separate recordings."
Um, yeah, what does Mr. Zytaruk say about such charges?
Zytaruk said there may be an explanation for any inconsistency on the recording. He said he met Harper and managed to ask one question on tape, which Harper answered before turning to leave.

"Then he turned around as if he had a second thought he wanted to add or something, and of course I made sure I got that. Now, I can't remember if I turned the tape off. I probably turned it off and then flicked it back on, but we're talking like milliseconds, right, in the time it would take for a guy to turn, just to turn on his heel to face you, right?"
The simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation. And I'm sure Mr. Zytaruk will be called upon by the defence to provide this explanation. Let the Conservatives go ahead and inquire about whatever dastardly means Mr. Zytaruk supposedly employed to frame the words of the PM. It's par for the course in their paranoid view they mix the rest of us up in with them.

Oh, and none of this changes Mr. Harper's words. Funny, that.

Is anyone surprised about the continued bullying tactics? Intimidation, attack, libel's like they're even worse than the Republicans.