Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conservatives playing divide and fear monger

As Dion heads out west to sell his green shift tax policy, he's being met by a barrage of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric from the new Conservative environment minister, Jason Kenney. Kenney's flailing about, yelling "National Energy Program" today. The more Dion keeps a level head, speaks reasonably and engages with Canadians, the more this kind of fear mongering will appear overstated in contrast:
"This is the most cynical, bloody minded kind of regionally divisive politics imaginable that they're playing," Calgary MP Jason Kenney, parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, said in an interview.

"And they know the consequences. The Liberal Party knows full well how sensitive Western Canadians are to the devastation of the National Energy Program. Canadians aren't stupid and can calculate what it will do to Western resource industries, to farmers, to the transportation industry. So I think they've made a very cynical calculation about this." (emphasis added)
Tell us more about cynical calculations, Mr. Environment.

The Conservatives are clearly the ones who are exploiting Western sensitivity to the NEP, waving it about in Canadians' faces every chance they get. Kenney's picking up where Harper left off with his initial emotional response to Dion's proposals in which he too mentioned the NEP. The federal Conservatives are indulging the western parochial premiers lining up to say "not in my backyard" to the prospect of a carbon tax. Is that national leadership?

Kenney is right about one thing here...Canadians aren't stupid, indeed.