Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doesn't look like it's going away

More than words required on the Poilievre front:
Richard Jock, chief executive officer of the Assembly of First Nations secretariat, called the comments "tremendously insensitive tremendously insensitive - to say nothing of outright wrong . . . on such a historic occasion."

"The fact is that every auditor general report says it's the government that can't account for its own spending, can't track if they're getting value for dollars . . . then Mr. Poilievre turns around and blames First Nations for a lack of accountability?"

"His comments seriously detract from the words of his own prime minister and are hurtful to all the survivors and children that came to hear the apology. We hope the prime minister deals with this appropriately."
Defending Pierre's measly two liner in the House today doesn't seem to cut it.

And the CP also seems to have been scannin' the internet scene for Poilievre reaction:
"The remarks spurred dozens of comments on the Internet, many of them sarcastically congratulating Poilievre for undercutting his own government with racist, ill-informed partisanship on what should have been a good-news day.

Others said MPs always have a right to question value for taxpayers' money."
Yes, it's quite the response that Poilievre has sparked. He has that kind of effect on people, doesn't he?