Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Economist weighs in on Bernier-Couillard

"Femme fatale," the Economist's aptly entitled and succinct overview of the Bernier-Couillard matter comes to this:
Ms Couillard chose not to accept an invitation to answer questions about her conquests from a House of Commons committee on June 18th. Stephen Harper, Canada's Conservative prime minister, originally chided the opposition as “gossipy old busybodies” for dwelling on Ms Couillard. But the remarkable career of a “one-woman wrecking crew” (as one newspaper called her) may prove damaging to a government that took power pledged to clean up sleaze. That applies especially in Quebec. The Conservatives won ten seats there in 2006 because of Liberal sleaze. Mr Bernier was their best hope of winning more—and thus endowing their minority government with a majority. The new symbol of Conservatism in Quebec is Ms Couillard. (emphasis added)
Now there's a slogan for ya...:)