Sunday, June 15, 2008

Get ready for the fresh meat

Le Devoir is reporting that a cabinet shuffle is rumoured to be imminent, likely by Tuesday. Ministers have been told not to travel next week.

This will be the third iteration of the Harper cabinet in less than three years. Let's see...the first version, let's call that Harper I, lasted almost a year and a half. Principal failures in Harper I were Rona Ambrose and Gordon O'Connor.

Harper II lasted about 10 months. Principal failures were Jim Flaherty, Maxime Bernier and Helena Guergis, with honourable mentions to Gary Lunn (Linda Keen), Peter Van Loan and Gerry Ritz. Can you see where I'm going? Harper III, at this rate, well, it's not looking too promising. The talent is running thin and I'd say Harper III will have a lifespan of about...five months.

Here at the Impolitical blog, we are looking forward to meeting all the new and improved cabinet types, some of whom may be the subject matter of a new "strike watch"...heh...:) We'll just have to wait and see who catches the eye...