Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guergis on her way out?

It's a PMO spring cleaning extravaganza underway in Ottawa where staffers are being fired left right and center. Well, somebody's got to pay for all the disasters of late for the Harper crew, and it sure ain't Harpie and the gang...:) So let's rack them up, shall we?

Bernier's incompetence has previously resulted in the loss of jobs for three of his top staffers. Saying goodbye at the end of May were his chief of staff, chief political adviser and director of communications. Two of whom were fired, reportedly, by Ian Brodie. Because it's not the job of any of these ministers to deal with their own staff, it's the PMO's, don't ya know.

Further spring cleaning is now going on over Guergis' way. Seems Ms. Guergis peeved off the PMO by firing her own chief of staff. So Ms. Guergis is about to be ditched from cabinet as she crossed a PMO-who's-the-boss kind of line:
While apparently unrelated to Mr. Bernier's resignation, heads are also rolling in Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Helena Guergis's office, which has been given some breathing space in recent months following a number of consular cases erupting in controversy over the past year.

Director of communications Blair MacLean was shown the door last week and has not yet been replaced.

This comes about a month after Ms. Guerguis abruptly fired her chief of staff, Phil Welford, after an embarrassing article was published by Globe and Mail journalist Jane Taber. The story involved a library fundraiser in Ms. Guerguis's riding which became politically sensitive when Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff's name showed up on the guest list.
The resignation of Mr. Bernier, combined with the arrival of Mr. Giorno, has Conservative staffers expecting a Cabinet shuffle in mid-July.

Among those expected to be shuffled, said two Conservative insiders, is Ms. Guergis.

Her abrupt firing of Mr. Welford, said one, provoked the ire of the PMO.

"Within the dynamics of this government, you're not supposed to be firing your chief of staff without PMO knowing," he said, adding that the PMO plays a role in appointing many senior ministerial staff.

Furthermore, the staffer said, Ms. Guergis has not been working consular files since the saga of Brenda Martin, who was recently transferred from a Mexican prison back to Canada where she is now out on parole, was concluded.
So it's really looking like it's more the horning in on Harpie's domain that's getting Guergis booted out of the rarefied air of the Harpie cabinet. Not so much the competence. Go figure.

Word is that more changes are coming throughout other ministries. If I were a betting person, I'd be figuring that the communications geniuses in Flaherty's office responsible for the war with Ontario might want to be consulting their rolodexes just about now...

What an absolutely cheery time it must be to be a Conservative staffer on the Hill.

For this blogger, I can't figure out if I'm happy or saddened by all this news of change. After all, they've all been doing such a bang up job from this perspective, heh...:)