Friday, June 20, 2008

Harper plan is $490 billion for Defence over next 20 years

"Defence plan to cost $490B over 20 years." Recall Harper's announcement on the "Canada First Defence Strategy" in Halifax in May. There was great confusion surrounding and following the announcement as to what the cost would be. A $30 billion figure was cited by Harper that day. Then we were told it was $50 billion over 20 years. Then a figure of $96 billion was reported. Who knew the entire shebang, equipment plus budget would end up at $490 billion.

What we learn today is that Harper meant to say, way back in Halifax in May, that the defence annual operating budget would be $30 billion per year, 20 years from now. The annual budget is presently $18 billion per year. So factoring in those annual increases in order to rise to $30 billion per year plus equipment purchases in the order of at least $55 billion...and troop increases envisioned to cost $250 billion...and you end up with $490 billion, total, in defence spending over the next 20 years.

Now that's a little more than the $30 billion Harper tried to couch his plan under back in May, isn't it?

(h/t Vijay Sappani)