Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How long does it take a Conservative cabinet minister to get elected?

If you're Michael Fortier, the answer is yet to be determined. We're going on two years and four months without a by-election to get Mr. Fortier elected. How's that for Harperian contempt for democracy?

Today's events have been extensively covered, considering there's not much to see. But you should have a gander at Don Martin's take. Here's a highlight:
To be a government backbencher -- male or female -- and watch political rewards being piled on a Liberal MP who campaigned against their party in 2006 and a senator who has never put his name on a ballot must be galling to true-blue Conservative MPs.

Perhaps the key to promotion was on display when the three ministers left the swearing in. Beyond a scripted thumbs up, they didn't say a word.

Pale males with a gag for a brain must be the preferred credentials for anyone joining Stephen Harper's Cabinet.
No stars in sight for the Harper team...