Monday, June 02, 2008

An issue before the Public Safety Committee

I noticed a point being made in Ken Chapman's blog about the relevancy of the allegations that there was a contract out on Julie Couillard's life at some point, from reporting over the weekend and today: Ken Chapman: Dion Demands the RCMP Engage in Bernier Bungling:
"The possibility that there was a Hell's Angel's contract out on Ms. Coulliard's life means we need to worry about her well being now too. The shift in attention has to be to the larger issues of security and public safety as well as the need to worry about the safety of certain citizens as well."
That is a fair point but isn't the context in which the alleged contract is relevant in respect of the tie to Bernier? That is, if there were indeed a contract out on her life at some point, then why did she not suffer the fate of her former fiancee, Gilles Giguere, who was shot and killed, for example? The implication, to me, is that there is some reason why the contract, if it existed, was not fulfilled or was pulled back. And that seems to me where the relevance of that particular allegation lies.