Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looking forward to Danny on the federal hustings

Danny Millions is coming to Ontario to campaign against Harpie once the next election finally rolls around. Apparently Williams has been getting invitations from Liberals here and elsewhere and he's "raring to go." Heh...:)

Williams paints a candid inside view in this Star article of Harper's conduct toward him and other premiers during meetings the PM's had with them over the last few years. Let's just say the PM is not the most brilliant strategist to have mishandled Williams so.

Highlights from the report:
"The guy is not honourable," says Williams.
At the Ottawa dinner in January, Williams says Harper was "very dismissive" of a couple of senior premiers (again, no names) and says, only half-jokingly, Harper "wanted us out of the house before the 9 o'clock movie."

During the November talks in St. John's, he recalls, "I took a deep breath. I just wanted to get in and out ... He was trying to bait me and it wasn't the first time."

But Williams saw no reason to react. The election would come soon enough.

"I can understand he's thinking Newfoundland and Labrador has just seven seats and he can write us off," says Williams. "What he doesn't realize is I'm going to be very vocal nationally."

Not that he's ever been a shy little guy in the corner. What we're talking about is a forward with sharp elbows during his days playing junior hockey who, by his own admission, "spent a lot of time in the penalty box."

On the hustings, he says, "I can get out there and talk about what this guy really stands for ... his untruths after he breaks a promise ... his politics of division for this country." (emphasis added)
"He broke his word, his written promise," maintains Williams. "I wouldn't put anything past that guy."
Beyond the scrap over the Atlantic Accord broken promises, let's recall another incident that hasn't gotten much attention.

Recall Danny holding out for equity from Exxon and other oil types in the development of the Hebron field. Harpie's Minister Lunn brilliantly chastised Danny for so doing and suggested Williams was putting his province at risk. Lunn famously wrote this bit of epically wrong claptrap in June of 2007:
Companies want to invest in Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore area. But there is an atmosphere of confrontation and uncertainty that is preventing anything from moving forward.
I think we all know how that bit of advice has played out. A preview, perhaps of the attack on Ontario, played out in Lunn's against Williams at a critical moment in negotiations Williams was having with the oil companies. How'd you like to have the federal government undercutting you like that when you're taking on the oil companies? Aren't they supposed to be on the people's side? Two months after Lunn wrote that shameful speech, Williams reached an equity deal with the oil company consortium.

No wonder Danny's on a mission...:) Payback's a bitch...