Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maxime Bernier: strike eighteen

Maxime's long reach of incompetence continues to provide us with new revelations, even from his political exile:
"The foreign affairs department does not know whether all the classified government documents Maxime Bernier had access to have been returned following a security breach that ended his cabinet career, an official told the Star."
How heartening. They don't even know what classified documents are missing. Harper's choice left the place in quite the dishevelled state.

Another anonymous bureaucrat has stepped forth to elucidate the coming review:
The official, speaking on background, said the Bernier probe would examine whether all documents provided to Bernier over his nine months as Canada's top diplomat are accounted for.

Canada's foreign affairs minister has a security clearance that is second only to that of the prime minister. Material crossing Bernier's desk would have ranged from domestic and global intelligence reports to briefings on the war effort in Afghanistan.

"They are not all traceable. Some of them are traceable," the official said of the documents. "Usually when a document is traceable it doesn't stay five weeks in the possession of someone. Usually it's a period of one, two, three weeks and someone will ask you to give back the documents."

The investigation will also look at any national security violations that resulted from the security breach as well as the potential violations that could have occurred if the documents fell into the wrong hands. The system of departmental checks intended to track classified government material is also up for review. (emphasis added)
So they don't know whether everything's been returned. Over the entire nine month period he was Foreign Affairs Minister. And not everything is traceable. And to top it off, Maxime Bernier will not be permitted to appear before the Public Safety Committee by Mr. Harper.

What an absolute freaking mess.