Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More questions on the Bernier affair

As raised in Helene Buzzetti's Le Devoir column today, "Quel role Luc Lavoie a-t-il joue�" Lavoie has assured Le Devoir that he attends "exceptional" events such as the Couillard interview on a frequent basis. He cites the Liberal leadership convention, for example. Interesting equation Lavoie is making, but an executive vice-president of Quebecor, he feels it was perfectly natural for him to be present at the Couillard TVA interview.

Buzzetti reminds us that the TVA interview took place on Sunday the 25th of May. The interview did not air until Monday at 9 p.m. Some relevant questions then, are whether Mr. Lavoie passed on any information gleaned during the interview to anyone in the Harper government in that intervening period. And further inquiry along those lines.

I'm thinking Mr. Mulroney's old friend may have earned himself a second parliamentary committee investigatory appearance within the space of four months, this time in the witness lineup for the Public Safety Committee hearings...