Tuesday, June 03, 2008

National security questions posed by the missing Bernier documents

Consider these facts:
A Canadian soldier on foot patrol in Kandahar's volatile Panjwai district was shot and killed on Tuesday morning, marking the second combat death for Canadian Forces in the last month.
On Monday, four Canadians solders were injured, one seriously, in two separate incidents during security operations in nearby Zhari district.
Then watch this video in which investigative reporter and author Yves Lavigne states that "apparently" the order of battle in Afghanistan was among the documents left in Ms. Couillard's home. Lavigne explains the possible connection that needs to be explored.

Update (5:20 p.m.): I considered pulling back this post at the moment as some might deem it crass. It goes without saying that condolences are the order of the day for the family(s) of any military killed in Afghanistan and that of course is expressed here.

Nevertheless, the Harper government owes all Canadians, including the military serving overseas above all, a duty to take this more seriously than they have been and that is the spirit in which the above questions are asked.