Thursday, June 19, 2008

No fresh meat for now

Harpie likes his cabinet just as it is.
"I believe that most of our ministers are just beginning to hit their stride in their portfolios," Harper said at a news conference in Huntsville, Ont., on Thursday.

"I don't believe this would be the time for major changes to cabinet. . . . I see no need for a comprehensive overhaul now."

Harper did say he'll have to make a minor change "in due course" to deal with the resignation of his foreign affairs minister, Maxime Bernier. That came after Bernier left classified documents at the home of his former girlfriend, Julie Couillard.
So let's see. Most of Harpie's team are "hitting their stride" just about now and it sounds as if he's leaving them all in place, other than around the Foreign Affairs portfolio. Meaning Guergis is likely going to remain among the casualties given her connection to the Foreign Affairs scene.

Otherwise, Harpie's comments apparently mean that Flaherty is still hitting his stride...Baird hitting his just in time to cartoonishly mock the Liberal plan, Lunn, Ritz, Toews...yes, I can see Harpie's logic, being the brilliant strategist that he is. Let them stride away, they're doing wonders for Conservative fortunes.