Monday, June 09, 2008

Not the word that comes to mind

Lawrence Martin, mostly on the ball in this column today, but he lost his marbles briefly along the way:
"He is one of a number of impressive young Conservative MPs. There is Mr. Hiebert, there is the brilliant Michael Chong, there is James Rajotte, James Moore and the true believer who has been defending the government on the in-and-out campaign-spending controversy, Pierre Poilievre." (emphasis added)
Impressive? Is that what they're calling misrepresenting electoral law in the House of Commons these days? Or beating up on the weaker members of our society? Don't even get me started about Moore and his Cadman stonewalling performance. And Hiebert, the PMO's favoured human teleprompter from the Mulroney-Schrireber hearings...

Now Mr. Martin, we know your column was mostly a critique of the Conservatives' lack of accomplished women in their midst and you must have felt like throwing them a bone or two - or five - but come's enough to upset a person's stomach on this fine Monday morning...:)