Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh looky, a Couillard book deal

With a release date of the fall. Hmmm, what might be going on this fall...let me think real hard...oh yes, an election campaign.
McClelland and Stewart said in a news release that Couillard's book will contain "details of a life marked by both tragedy and exhilaration."
Well done, you fine Canadian publishing houses. I'm sure the Conservatives will also look forward to the "exhilarating" details of the most recent parts of Ms. Couillard's life...:)

Update: A better statement of the book's pitch:
"From her childhood experiences to her meeting with the President of the United States at the side of Canada's chief diplomat, and the tragic death of her companion in the infamous biker gang wars in the mid 1990s, Julie Couillard will reveal the details of a life marked by both tragedy and exhilaration," the publisher said.