Friday, June 20, 2008

Our stately, dignified PM in action

The character of the PM shining brightly and in full view today. Bringing a whole new level of debate to Canadian politics:
"(The carbon tax plan) is like the national energy program in the sense that the national energy program was designed to screw the West and really damage the energy sector - and this will do those things," Harper told a small crowd in Saskatoon.

"This is different in that this will actually screw everybody across the country."
This is really telling stuff. Harper is like a cornered snake right now, hissing and lashing out. There's something very unsettling in his early reaction to the carbon tax debate. He's emotional and very hostile. And needless to say, this kind of base rhetoric is unacceptable, first off, for a PM to be uttering. The plan "screws everybody?" Come on, get your mouth out of the gutter please, Mr. Harper. We're an educated, civilized nation. Act like it.

Secondly, this is irresponsible wedge politics at its worst. Harper is shamelessly invoking the national energy program, the height of divisive strategy in the west. He's prepared to inflame the west and further division in the country for the sake of his political fortunes. Is that the kind of political leadership we want in this country?

This is going to be very interesting.