Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Khadr's a "good kid"

A raft of positive "report card" like information being released to the media last night on Omar Khadr's good citizenry while at Gitmo. The information comes from reports written by Foreign Affairs personnel who visited Khadr there in March and April. Here's a bit of the report and Khadr's lawyer's comments on what it means:
Omar Khadr's American guards at Guantanamo Bay describe the Canadian terror suspect as "salvageable," "non-radicalized" and a "good kid," according to internal reports written by Canadian government officials who've visited him at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.

One also signals Khadr, 21, has begun to distance himself from his family, which many Canadians consider synonymous with terrorism because of their expressions of support for - and past involvement with - al-Qaida.

"Omar barely broached the subject of his family, beyond sharing with me a few memories, such as learning to ride a bike with his uncle in Ottawa," writes Suneeta Millington, a legal officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs, who met with Khadr in Guantanamo on March 12 and 14.
"These reports are about as close as you can get to a direct recommendation by Canadian officials for Prime Minister Stephen Harper call on the U.S. authorities to return Omar to Canada," said U.S. navy Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler, Khadr's assigned military lawyer.

"We know the Canadian government is concerned about which way Omar might turn if he returns, but here we have not only Canadian officials saying he's changed as he's matured, but the U.S. guards who see him every day."
Darn honest Foreign Affairs officials...