Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some facts for the debate

Apropos of the negative responses to date from predictable quarters such as the Saskatchewan and Alberta conservative governments and federal Conservatives, a concerned citizen points out some surreptitious shifting of tax burdens undertaken by the Harper government on a few fronts:
June 28, 2008

Re:Dion gung-ho on carbon tax

June 27

St├ęphane Dion has taken the fight for humanity's environmental future to Stephen Harper. Dion proposes a tax-neutral green shift: taxing things we don't want – pollution – and reducing taxes on things we want – income and investment.

Harper counters and accuses Dion of trying to "screw" Canadians. So, what do the facts say about the government's approach to tax shifting and environmental management?

The Harper government enacted a tax shift in its first year. The Conservatives shifted tax reduction from the GST to tax increases for lower income tax brackets.

The Harper government also enacted major tax spending shifts. All federal climate initiatives were cancelled and savings principally shifted to the military.

Under Environment Minister John Baird, Kyoto was cancelled in fact though not in spin, Environment Canada scientists were eliminated, and intensity targets were introduced that allow unlimited burning of carbon resources.

Under Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn, nuclear environment safety was ignored until a worldwide medical crisis erupted.

Dion is directly challenging Harper and demanding debate. Dion is proposing a constructive, mature alternative to character assassination and the denuding of sound environmental management.

Let the debate begin.

Eugene Parks, Victoria, B.C.
Pesky facts...

So who's really been "screwing" Canadians anyway?