Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Some sort of charge and trial down there"

Conservatives reacted predictably to the Foreign Affairs officials' reports on their visits with Khadr:
"Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai (Calgary East), parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, said the new information was 'all premature, speculative. The process is going on.'

Art Hanger, the Conservative chair of the justice committee, said as long as Khadr remains 'under some sort of charge and trial down there, that's the way it's going to be as far as I can see.'

Hanger dismissed the officials' summary of favourable comments by Khadr's U.S. military guards.

'What kind of comments are those? Nothing official has come forward. So some prison guards might have said that? He's locked up. We don't know what the real story is until we get some official reports, I would think.'"
"Premature," Obhrai said. Hey, there's that word again...see Lunn post earlier today. When they don't know what to do with a piece of information, stall. And Hanger, well, let's let his remarks speak for themselves. No need to parse those.

Yep, the Conservative inaction is a veritable international embarrassment, still.