Thursday, June 05, 2008

Strange dining partner

Latest Couillard revelation: "Bernier's ex dined in 2006 with loan shark tied to bikers":
"A joint CBC-Radio Canada investigation has revealed that in the summer of 2006, nine months before her relationship with Bernier began, Julie Couillard dined at a Laval restaurant with a convicted loan shark named Normand Descoteaux.

Descoteaux was arrested in 2001 during a police roundup of biker associates and was a well-known associate of Hells Angels kingpin Maurice (Mom) Boucher, said Michel Auger, a journalist who has covered organized crime for 45 years for the Journal de Montreal.

'That guy was a really tough guy,' Auger told CBC News."

Descoteaux was also the target of a gangland hit in July 2000 while he ate breakfast in a north Montreal restaurant with Bob Savard, another Boucher lieutenant.Two shooters killed Savard before turning their guns on Descoteaux, who survived by using a waitress as a human shield. The waitress took three bullets in the leg and one in the arm, but survived.
Honourable fellow, hey?

Again, what's the relevance? Couillard denies the meeting ever took place. The CBC report indicates otherwise, leaving questions again as to what kind of possible concurrent relationships or associations Couillard had during the relationship with Bernier.