Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stubborn Conservatives on display today

Peter Van Loan spent his Question Period singing the praises of Julie Couillard's mother...:) Well done, Van Loan. It's amazing the gymnastics this government will entangle itself in lest they be viewed in the slightest as having made a decision that objectively viewed...reeks.

Did I hear Josee Verner, Status of Women Minister mention the carbon tax in response to a question on why the Court Challenges Program has apparently been suddenly and secretly revived only in respect of language rights challenges and not women's rights? That's deserving of some kind of raspberry award...and what's with the secrecy here? This is a government program, right? Why are they hiding this information from people? It's not like it's a secret that they're under fire for scrapping the program by the Official Language Commissioner. Or that there's a Federal Court action that's been brought to restore the program by these individuals. So why the big secret? Again, is it because the Conservatives hate admitting they were wrong?

By contrast, there seems to be a qualitative difference in the responses of David Emerson, new Foreign Affairs Minister, to those of his colleagues. Judging by his brief answer in the House today and his comments to a scrum yesterday, his colleagues might learn a thing from him. It's early, but no defensiveness or attack on the opposition emanating - yet - from this one.