Monday, June 23, 2008

Tell us more, Mr. ex-Foreign Affairs Minister

John Manley took the opportunity to speak about "intelligence shortfalls" on Question Period yesterday I see. What is that takes an intelligence shortfall to know one?

Let's see what we learned from the old hand, we need intelligence in Afghanistan to prevent prisons from blowing up...shockingly brilliant point.

Secondly, "...Mr. Manley said the incident also demonstrates that the Taliban are capable of significant military actions." Do ya think?

Thirdly, Manley has very low expectations when it comes to the PM:
Nonetheless, Mr. Manley, who has criticized the government for not fully communicating the goals and results of the mission, complimented Prime Minister Stephen Harper for being candid in characterizing the break as a setback for Canada's plan to turn over security to Afghan forces three years from now.

"I'd have to say that the Prime Minister handled that quite well. He was very forthcoming in saying, essentially, this is a very bad thing that happened," he said. "I'm not sure all of the spokesmen for the government were quite as forthcoming."
Yes, he handled that quite well. The prison blew up and he characterized it as a setback. For stating the obvious he is to be congratulated. Whatever.

Fourth...apparently Mr. Manley has a continuing problem with the troop levels in Afghanistan.
He said the military commitment from the alliance is not high enough, noting that the 50,000-troop commitment to Afghanistan - a country of 30 million - is the same as the numbers sent to Bosnia, a country of 1.8 million.
Well if Mr. Manley felt so strongly about that point, perhaps he should have aimed higher when he had the chance rather than having his report require Canada to ask for the pithy 1000 extra troops from NATO. What are these, regrets in the wake of the prison "setback?"

Why do I find these comments so irksome...