Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is no "i" in team, Harpie

Harpie exercises cabinet leadership:
The shuffle, scheduled for 11 a.m. ET, is expected to be small, involving few ministers and leaving major portfolios such as finance and industry untouched.
Some Tories speculate that Harper may still conduct a more sweeping shakeup of his cabinet in the fall, in preparation for a possible election. But one senior Tory pooh-poohed that suggestion.

"Harper's not about team," the insider said.

"He doesn't want strong people ... sitting at the cabinet table. Why would he shuffle the cards? He's got people doing his bidding now."
Do I detect a pattern here? Senior Tory is not too pleased with the leader's modus operandi here. A few ministers are glaringly in need of a move, but nope, Harpie's not about team. And arguably not doing the right thing for his party in terms of curing those errors, notably Flaherty in Finance. Cue the anonymous criticism. Recall late last week, Don Martin putting out the word on Stockwell Day as a successor to Harper and today we read such remarks...the rumblings in Conservative leadership land, when they happen, are to be noted.

Call me a troublemaker or call me a citizen who simply reads the news reports...:)