Friday, June 13, 2008

Time for a deeper probe

Don Martin on the expanding Couillard affair:
"...the point is that the Couillard circumstances have evolved, while the government line dismissing opposition questions as “sordid little inquiries” has not.

That stonewalling perception hasn’t been helped by having all Conservative MPs refuse to appear before next week’s Commons committee, which will feature Ms. Couillard’s testimony if she agrees to show up, which seems increasingly doubtful.

The dots no longer line up as a straightforward connection. They zig zag through Conservative fundraisers, into MP offices, through a senior minister’s heart and off into the world of political arm-twisting.

Now that Ms. Couillard’s biker gang history, political romances and related business interests have collided in a spectacular three-ringed media circus, arguments for a deeper probe no longer sound like a partisan witchhunt."
It never was a partisan witch-hunt, it was from the beginning a call to have legitimate national security questions answered. Those pushing for such answers have been proven correct. Simply because the opposing parties ask questions does not delegitimize questions posed as tainted partisan exercises. That's what goes on in the U.S. We need to prevent the Conservatives from succeeding in similar demonization here.

Glad to see Martin agrees on the need for a "deeper probe."