Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The weak and insecure staying put at Harpie's cabinet table

Harpie's still making me wait for the fresh cabinet meat. Word is that Emerson is the designated picker-upper from Maxime's mess in Foreign Affairs. And so someone will be simply shifted over (Green Shift company: can I use the word "shift"...:)) to fill in at International Trade. So there will be a chosen few on tenterhooks for the summer:
A small shuffle now also means that Harper will wait before dealing with other weaker, more insecure players around his cabinet table, such as Helena Guergis, secretary of state for foreign affairs, who was seen as having mishandled the case of Canadian Brenda Martin, who was imprisoned in Mexico.

Some insiders say the Prime Minister has suggested a larger shuffle could come in the fall if there is no election.
Weak and insecure...now that's not the way to be described in the national media...:)

Also of interest here:
It also means people like Industry Minister Jim Prentice or Health Minister Tony Clement, who have been hinting they would like other jobs, will have to wait.
Got to think that maybe all that fawning press over Gentleman Jim and reports of wikipedia warring over Prentice's awesome abilities are getting to Harpie. Can't be lettin' any of these guys get too big for their britches now so he's keepin' them guessing.

Way to keep up the Conservative morale, Harpie...:)