Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Berniers attack

Oh yes, this approach seems very wise:
Mr. Bernier's speech to supporters in his Beauce riding was a carefully planned effort to launch a political rehabilitation – and although he said he did the responsible thing in quitting – he subtly suggested he had been deceived about her past. However, his father, former MP Gilles Bernier, was more direct: “It was certainly a trick,” he told reporters.
Put another way, from another report:
After he left the hall, Gilles Bernier, his father and a former MP, told reporters his son was the victim of a "sting," without identifying who was behind the sting operation.
More from the elder Bernier:
“I think Madame, through her 30-minute interview and through journalistic and other investigations, is showing – she claims to be right, but we claim otherwise,” he told reporters. “The scandal is not on our side.”
They're rattling sticks in a hornet's nest....not sure that's wise when it's not clear that everything to be told about this story has been told. There's a very interested media horde in Quebec pursuing this story. And oh, yes, there's a book coming too.

While the incredibly brief 11 minute speech may have left some in the local crowd cheered - and gee whiz his Dad's in his corner - elsewhere, it's not going over well.