Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tell us more about the communists, Kory

Kory educates us about the history of political parties:
"Teneycke says Harper stresses another minority government because 'Conservatives should be marked by realism and the knowledge the Liberal party is one of the most successful parties ever – more successful than the Communist parties in Russia and China and more enduring than Fidel Castro.

'We're going up against a successful political machine... There's no shame in being honest and realistic.'"
Well, if it's Kory Teneycke we're talking about, there actually seems to be a lot of shame involved, isn't there? Honest and realistic? Not so much. I will share that one with my readers though so they can tell all their friends and family what types of idiotic things are being spewed out of the PMO these days. It's all just so visionary.

And if that's not enough for you from the Kory Teneycke files today, did you catch young Kory telling us that the Green party and Liberal party are one and the same? And therefore, only Stephane can be in the debates. I guess Canadians will have to wrestle with that Rubik's Cube for say...five seconds of wtf head shaking. Oh yes, it's going to be an alternative reality based campaign, all right. I kind of enjoyed Kady O'Malley's take on this bit of Teneycke babble:
We did find out that the Conservatives are probably going to object to the Greens being allowed into the debates on the grounds of having insufficient hatred of Stephane Dion and the Liberals, so that was interesting, at least.
Yep, that's about it...:) Now that Teneycke, today's representative from the league of junior Conservative anchormen has weighed in, I'm inclined to fully and enthusiastically support Mme. May in her one woman quest to be a thorn in the PM's side for hours upon end during televised debates. I suppose that could be what they in fact want, to encourage a further split on the left-centre side of the spectrum. But I doubt it. They've consistently taken this position. And picture May pummelling Harper. I think they can too.