Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Couillard book moved up to October 6th

It's a big news day out of Quebec it seems. Are you sitting down? Julie Couillard's book has been moved up to a release date of October 6th. "A la grande inquietude du Parti conservateur." Heh...:) So we'll have plenty of time to digest the revelations, whatever they may be, in advance of the election. Unless Harpie moves the election date. Maybe his Highness can fix that somehow.

Also getting attention in Quebec is the Opus Dei candidate the Conservatives have in the riding of Saint-Bruno-Saint-Hubert, Nicole Charbonneau Barron. Seems the Conservative HQ was caught completely off guard on this and there are some pretty interesting, to say the least, quotes from Mme. Barron in the media around the time of the release of the DaVinci Code, what with its Opus Dei freakydom and all. The quotes have to do with self-flagellation, not necessarily her own but the Opus Dei position on it. The Conservative Quebec honcho is trying to stamp out this fire by assuring inquiring reporters to the effect of the party's views being relevant in the election, not the candidate's. Yeah, OK.

But back to Couillard...don't you just love ruining Harpie's day?

And doesn't La Presse know how to sell newspapers!