Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harper wins his delay of the Cadman audiotape hearing

And Canadians lose as a result. There will be no hearing on Harper's allegations that Mr. Zytaruk doctored an audiotape with Harper's words on it, at least not during this campaign and who knows when beyond it. Once a matter of great urgency when the case was brought by Mr. Harper, it's now an inconvenience in the election campaign. As was stated yesterday in court...
...Paliare asserted that the request for an adjournment is designed to ensure that the case is not heard until after the election.

"In my opinion, that request is purely political," he told the court.

He argued that an interlocutory injunction, even before the defamation suit has been resolved, is an extraordinary measure and should be dealt with speedily. Instead, he said Dearden has adopted a "leisurely pace" that's deliberately stalling proceedings.

"In my respectful view, the system is being gamed."
And upon hearing said remark, Mr. Harper's counsel proceeded to threaten Mr. Paliare for having said it. Really, he did.

So no hearing will occur on the Russell affidavit alleging the authoritarian nature of the Harper move to suppress the opposition's free speech in the Cadman case, at least not during the election.

Surprised? Hardly.