Sunday, September 28, 2008

What has Guergis done right?

Oops, she's bungled again: "Timing of Guergis' mailers questioned." Seems she's done something she used to oppose. Par for the course with our play-by-their-own-rules Conservatives:
Simcoe-Grey Conservative incumbent Helena Guergis questioned when a former-Liberal MP sent out a newsletter to constituents on the brink of an election campaign, but now she has done the same thing.

Guergis said the four-page householder is similar to what she sends out each year before the fall session of Parliament.

“I’ve had it in the hopper probably about a month and a half now,” said Guergis.

However, the front page of the newsletter carries an update from the Beijing Olympics. It boasts that Canada won six more medals at this year’s Olympics than in Athens in 2004. The Olympics didn’t wrap up until Aug. 24, meaning that the newsletter must have gone to press sometime after that, directly contradicting Guergis’ month and a half, “hopper” comment.
Doh! Points for creativity with that "in the hopper" stuff though...

At least Ms. Guergis has admitted that the cost of the mailers will be borne by her campaign, not the taxpayers, as she rightly should. But the kicker is that a number of Conservatives have done this and...
Election advertising, however, isn’t supposed to carry the information that any candidate is a Member of Parliament.
Which, of course, it does in her mailer. See how the rules don't apply to Conservatives?

Ms. Guergis, like many other Conservative candidates, has also declined to attend an all-candidates debate in her riding.

On that note, I think I'll sum up today's post with a question posed by a Simcoe-Grey voter:
What she has done wrong is quite openly in the press. What has she done right?
That's for the good folks of Simcoe-Grey to determine on October 14th. It's not a hard one to answer.