Friday, October 31, 2008

Conservative insiders dishing

I think I might like this Cannon Foreign Affairs stint after all. This has to be some kind of record for "Tory insiders." Well done:
On the face of it, Lawrence Cannon's ascendance to the traditionally coveted Foreign Affairs post stands out as the single biggest promotion in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's new cabinet.

Trouble is, Cannon didn't want the job. For one thing, Tory insiders say the senior Quebec minister hates flying. And he prefers to stay close to home - where he can preside over the distribution of goodies to his province - for political reasons too.

In fact, insiders say Cannon lobbied to be given the Industry portfolio, with added responsibility for Quebec regional development. And he wanted to retain his title as political minister for Quebec to boot.
Didn't want the job! Doesn't like to fly? You'd think after "Nosebleed" Emerson they'd have learned...:) More from another talkative Conservative:
Thanks to his unwanted promotion, Cannon will now spend more time flitting around the globe than stoking his home political fires. And that leaves some insiders wondering if he'll be a good fit for his new post.

"There's no pork in Foreign Affairs," notes one senior Tory.

"He's a man of the county. He wants roads paved and sewers and bridges (built). You can't do that from Berlin."
Um, it's rather early hours in the new mandate to be hearing such things, right off the bat. These comments are pretty tough on Cannon. Could spell trouble for him at Foreign Affairs. The word's been put out that he doesn't even want to be there. Should be a real treat yet again for the foreign affairs professionals.

Lunn also gets some help from his friends:
Some Conservatives suspect Harper simply decided Lunn is a lightweight.
There's more on others, go read it. Pretty telling stuff, the very fact that sources are willing to peddle the good, the bad and the ugly as to why Harper made a number of cabinet moves. He can't be happy with it, it exposes a lot of potential fissures in the cabinet. Kind of makes you wonder if this is the way things will shape up for Harper's second go round. If we see more of this, it would mean that people are feeling more free to create alternative narratives to the Harper one. Not a good sign for the future of the Strong Leader.