Thursday, November 13, 2008

That's a shame

"A few wrinkles develop at Tory love-in." Wrinkles, as in, the Refooorrm types are still not playing nicely in the sandbox:
Harper will head for Washington early Friday to attend a meeting of world leaders, leaving members to wrestle with a number of thorny resolutions and policy ideas.

Among them is a resurrected proposal that stirred angry debate at the last Conservative convention in March 2005.

The resolution suggests that the voting system at leadership conventions be overhauled to appoint one delegate for every 10 riding association members.

Such a system would favour the larger ridings belonging to the former Canadian Alliance wing of the party and was fought tooth-and-nail last time by former Progressive Conservatives.
Also to be watched this weekend:
Topics up for discussion include:

* income splitting for families of children under seven
* term limits for supreme court judges
* entrenching rights of churches not to perform same-sex marriages
* call for an end to the gun registry
* increasing private health care
Attacks on judges, same-sex marriage, anti-gun control, private health care...sounds like a Republican would feel right at home. These issues the grassroots are pushing are a reminder that the efforts to portray the Conservatives as being in the political centre or "leaning to centre" are stretches at best. The "grassroots" are pushing the Conservatives to the right. Remove the lid and look inside.

Hope those few bloggers on the progressive side who were accredited to attend this weekend have their ears planted firmly to the ground...:)