Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fun with numbers

Letter of the day in yesterday's Winnipeg Sun:

Ignatieff's federal Liberals are demanding a proper accounting of the nation's finances. We know that the federal government initiated new spending of $75 billion on mortgages but those spending numbers did not show up in Harper's fiscal update a few weeks ago. We know that the federal government added $10 billion in new debt from April to June this year and those numbers did not show up either.

We know that before the last election, less than two months ago, Mr. Harper's government went on a spending spree. Harper's November fiscal update was loaded with fudge -- hence no confidence. The question now is, what's it going to be truth or another "fudge it" budget."

Eugene Parks

Fudge will get him defeated.
What's it going to be? That's the big question...