Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good humour, good judgment

I particularly enjoyed these clips of Bob Rae engaging with the media following his statement earlier today. Now that this leadership issue is settled, I would say that the Liberal party at large could do with a lot more Rae-like attitude. Being firm in one's convictions and knowing that there are moments when you do not blink in the face of unprecedented actions from this Prime Minister. Exhibiting good cheer at a personally difficult moment in withdrawing and at all times in confronting the challenges of the past few weeks. Batting back and intelligently challenging the presumptions of certain media that are put forth.

We could do with more leaders of this calibre at the federal (and provincial) level. The Liberal party is very fortunate to have him on the front bench going forward without the distractions of ongoing leadership rumblings. No Raes on the Harper benches, that's for sure. Not even close.

So, it's over. Onwards and congratulations to Michael Ignatieff.

Quite content, as always, to continue with the focus on Harpie, exactly where it should be.