Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Groundhog day

The Harper Conservatives just can't help themselves with their instinct to lash out but it seems the Conservatives are going to find a different response to their attacks this time around:
In a message to Conservatives, national campaign chairman Doug Finley slammed Ignatieff for bypassing the Liberal tradition of facing off against rivals during a democratic leadership convention, according to CP.

Ignatieff responded to those reports and called them unproductive and unwelcome at a time of parliamentary crisis.

He added that Harper and the Tories should back away from any aggressive political attacks.

"Look where it's got him, I think he should walk back," said Ignatieff.
The relentless demonization of anyone opposing the Conservatives continues. You have to think, however, that this time around, the impact of such divisive attacks will be diluted. Going to the well one too many times. The party who cried wolf. Remarkably, Harper is in a corner with three angry parties facing him and fully prepared to vote non-confidence in him. Yet he's unleashed his hounds. He seems to be bent on wearing the mantle of the most divisive Prime Minister in some time.

What is that saying? When you're in a hole, you really should put the shovel down and stop digging...